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Dutcher Middle School

1441 Colorado Avenue

Turlock, CA 95380

(209) 667-8817

(209) 667-1332 FAX

Dutcher Staff


Contact Agustin Arreola  Agustin Arreola Assistant Principal
Contact Scott Lucas  Scott Lucas Principal
Contact Laura Torres-Rogers  Laura Torres-Rogers Dean of Students


Contact Sharile Abbasi  Sharile Abbasi Resource Specialist
Contact Rebecca Axtell  Rebecca Axtell Language Arts/History
Contact Jenny Bowerman  Jenny Bowerman Language Arts/History
Contact Amanda Brazil  Amanda Brazil Math/Science
Contact Bob Chandler  Bob Chandler Math/Science/PE
Contact Mindee Derr  Mindee Derr Resource Specialist
Contact Marilyn DeSousa  Marilyn DeSousa Math/Science
Contact Kathleen Erickson  Kathleen Erickson SH class
Contact Yesenia Espinoza  Yesenia Espinoza Language Arts/History/Spanish
Contact Kelly Fetter  Kelly Fetter Language Arts/History
Contact Viviana Garcia  Viviana Garcia 6th Grade
Contact Christine Gonzales  Christine Gonzales Math/Science
Contact Katherine Gutierrez  Katherine Gutierrez Immersion 6th grade
Contact Jamie Harrison  Jamie Harrison SDC Mild/Moderate
Contact Bill Marson  Bill Marson Technology
Contact Paula Martelli  Paula Martelli Math/Science
Contact Matthew Meik  Matthew Meik Mild/Moderate LA 7/8
Contact Dan Mills  Dan Mills Mild/Moderate Math, Science
Contact Ernesto Moreno  Ernesto Moreno 6th grade Resource Specialist
Contact Amy Olguin  Amy Olguin Language Arts/History
Contact Gloria Ontiveros  Gloria Ontiveros Language Arts/History/Immersion
Contact Marisela Ornelas  Marisela Ornelas Immersion 6th grade
Contact Beth Peterson  Beth Peterson Language Arts/History
Contact Tess Peterson  Tess Peterson Language Arts
Contact Maria Prasad  Maria Prasad Language Arts/History/Immersion/Spanish
Contact Melissa Qualle  Melissa Qualle Language Arts 8/Drama
Contact Etelvina Rodriguez  Etelvina Rodriguez 6th Grade
Contact Elias Ruiz  Elias Ruiz 7th Grade Science
Contact Ana Santos  Ana Santos Immersion History/Spanish
Contact Glen Scharer  Glen Scharer Math/Science
Contact Sharon Segars  Sharon Segars Language Arts /History
Contact Charlyn Selee  Charlyn Selee Math/Science
Contact Ryan Stevenson  Ryan Stevenson PE
Contact Joe Tovar  Joe Tovar Orchestra
Contact Pam Tyler  Pam Tyler PE
Contact Ana Van Allen  Ana Van Allen 6th Grade
Contact Jose Velazquez  Jose Velazquez PE
Contact Olga Weddle  Olga Weddle Band
Contact Keli Youkhana  Keli Youkhana LA 8th grade


Contact Derek Alvarado  Derek Alvarado Counselor
Contact Norma Arias  Norma Arias SDC Para-Professional
Contact Deanne Brock  Deanne Brock RS Para-Professional
Contact Anna Chavez  Anna Chavez Custodian
Contact Jennifer Delgado  Jennifer Delgado Campus Supervisor
Contact Andrea Gonzalez  Andrea Gonzalez Librarian
Contact Rebecca Luis  Rebecca Luis Psychologist
Contact John Parreira  John Parreira Campus Supervisor
Contact Julie Perino  Julie Perino Counselor
Contact Anne Walls  Anne Walls Health Technician


Email any teacher by clicking the envelope next to his/her name.

Teacher Websites

Teachers whose names appear in blue have a website that can be accessed by clicking on his/her name.